Monday, September 20, 2010

Update Time

I have a couple months worth of catching up to do!! I probably won't break it all down into weeks and or months becauase that might take me too long and I'd probably wind up rambling on and on! I'll try to summarize what has been going on in our neck of the woods!

  • In JULY i did a lot of scrapbooking with Mechel and just as I thought I was getting somewhat caught up...I went and took and developed more pictures! At any rate all the scrapping was a lot of fun! 
  • We took the kids to a local Monster Truck show.  It was fun, but kinda damp and rainy and muddy!
  • I learned that the microfiber couches I have, I do not really like.  I shampooed them, and they look improved, but not what I wanted.  I shampooed the carpet and that looked great for a few days! LOL
  • I was officially signed off in the O.R. and began my orientation as a scrub tech in the OB department.  I love getting to train and learn from all the girls, they are great!
  • The kids practically lived at Grammies during July.  They knew school was right around the corner and they couldn't get enough of Grammie and Papa's house!
  • Rented "She's Outta My League" and we laughed a lot...two thumbs up!
  • Stayed busy with some Forest Fires, the good ole Cheap Seats kept the fire fighters happy!
  • Went to the theatre and saw "Grown Up's".  We laughed a lot at this movie too.!
  • To finish up the month of July we took the kids to Phoenix to do some school clothes shopping, eat at Famous Daves and swim in the hotel pool!
Now for August...
  • I watched the Time Traveler's Wife while Matt was at work and I would not tell you to watch this movie, it was pretty strange!
  • I registered to be a bone marrow donor, just had to send a swab of my cheek to see if I match anybody out there.  I'd help if I could!
  • I got to pick out and order cabinets for our new house.  I chose a gorgeous knotty alder with a dark stain.  I can't wait to see them installed!
  • We had our 2nd Annual School Year's Eve for the kids.  Just a little night of fun, dinner, dessert, reading, games and some fun decorations...obviously school started for them!
  • Went to Vegas with Andy and Mechel for a weekend.  Stayed at the Excalibur for the first and probably last time.  Saw a hypnotist show, walked a lot, shopped, ate, it was hot, finally rode the NY NY coaster, and of course went to the wax museum! Had a blast tho!
  • Karissa started a pre-pre K. She hated the first day and wouldn't go.  Cried the 2nd day and 3rd, shoot cried for the firse 6 or so day, but she finally warmed up to it and does great!
  • I started a dreaded Biology class.  It's really difficult for me!
  • I wanted to go to the Payson Rodeo, but it rained so we opted out!
  • Got to take the kids to a little spot in the woods I'd been wanting to do a mini photo shoot at.  Turned out to be a lot of fun, had a picnic while we were at it too!
  • Matt got a nice buck with his bow. I think it scored 185.  Can't wait to have it back to hang on the wall!
  • Went to Phoenix to have Matt's knee looked at, probably needs surgery again.  Ate some great food, oh and bought a boat that we have been saving up for!
  • Took the boat to the lake the following day and had an amazing time!
  • Played a lot in the sprinkler cause it was dang hot!
So now it's September!
  • Labor Day weekend we spent at the lake of course! Friday we took Auntie Brooke along and had a lot of fun kneeboarding and tubing and swimming! Saturday we had Uncle David, Uncle Ryan and his girlfriend Kelly along.  More swimming, crazy Uncles on the tube and kneeboard, lotsa junk food too!
  • Made our reservations for the Polar Express in December...which is coming up fast!
  • Sit at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Matt's in class till 1030 at night!
  • Celebrated Matt's 33rd Birthday with his parents, had lasagna, salad and bread.  Made a dirt cake which I served up in the back of a Tonka dumptruck.  That was pretty fun!
  • Kylie and I made her science project which was a big butterlfy cake! It was a lot of fun and she said she's sure she got an a plus!
  • Really wanted to go to the Navajo County Fair, but that didn't go my way.
  • Got to watch my Green Bay Pack win their first 2 regular season games!
  • Went to the local Oktoberfest! Bought some fabric, a shirt and some caramel apples!
  • Made some craft projects...still making some craft projects!
Ok well I think that kind of sums it up for ya!  Gonna try to add some pictures later!


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