Friday, June 11, 2010

The Last Couple Weeks

Since it's summer, our lives are seem to be going even faster than they would normally!  We celebrated Memorial Day by having some friends over for a BBQ, it was relaxing and very delicious!  The kids finished up softball and T-ball this week and they are happy to be done.  They liked to play, but they never wanted to quit playing around the house or with friends when it came time to go to the games!  We got a little 2 day camp out in last week, the weather was perfect and we can't wait to camp again!  We really look forward to summer for our camping trips!  I made the decision to get back into the groove with my school and have enrolled for Biology this fall.  It's gonna be a lot of work so while in school I won't be working as much so I can focus on my school work which is more important right now.  I'm still taking it slow, but want to get my RN eventually..LOL!  So we have our California trip coming up in just two weeks!  Everyone is really excited, especially Karissa.  She wakes up EVERY morning and asks, "when are we going to Disneyland?"  Poor kids can't comprehend time so I'm sure it seems like a lifetime to wait for her.  We got our garden planted, didn't make it as big as last year, but just planted some of our favorite stuff which are tomatoes, several different kinds of peppers, strawberries and potatoes.  We laid some sod in the front yard a few weeks ago and it is taking off great.  It's so nice to have some grass out there even if it's not a big area, makes such a difference.  So basically that's it in a nutshell!