Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Almost a mom for 6 years!

Yep...that's right! I sit here looking at the calendar and dates of upcoming appointments and what not. The most important upcoming date is Kylie's 6th birthday in just 2 weeks! That means I will have been a mommy for 6 years already. Time goes by way to fast! It's hard to look at Kylie and imagine she used to be so tiny, barely 6lbs at birth! She's growing into a beautiful little girl! So don't forget to wish her a happy Birthday on the 22nd of this month!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Up until now....

So since we are going on our 7th wedding anniversary and our 9th anniversary this summer of being with one another, we have had quite a bit happen in our lives. In that time we have had 3 beautiful children. Kylie Nicole born Jan 22, 2002; Tyler Ray born Oct 26, 2003 and Karissa Jane born Nov 28,2006. We still haven't really decided if 3 is the lucky number for us or not. Around the time I was pregnant with Tyler we purchased our first property, a little over 5 acres of land in Heber. We built our first house in 2003 and moved in the spring of 2004. What an exciting task to build your first house and a lot of work! Matt was able to do a lot of the finish type work himself since he has been in the construction trade since high school. In 2006 we decided it was time to try to sell our house since the real estate market was at a high, we wanted to make a profit while we could. I obtained my real estate license in the spring of 2006. We sold in late October of last year and realized...where would we move to?! We own our mobile home that we lived in previously, but we have tenants and couldn't just kick them out! So we moved into my parents where there was plenty of room for us all. Matt continued working construction and kept on trying to sell some homes! When we sold our home we didn't sell all the acreage so we decided we would build a "spec" home on another portion of the property. I believe it was around March of 2007 we broke ground on the home and by the time we were getting to the drywall stage we had a buyer! How exciting that was! We sold the home in July and purchased a small lot in the private air park here in Overgaard with intentions of building our 3rd home. This would be to sell, not live! As the months went on we really felt like we were imposing staying with my parents and wanted our own "space" again since we hadn't ever had to live with anyone like that before. It was great for the interim, but we started looking for something else. We found a pretty tiny little cabin that was affordable and so we made yet another move. We moved in around March of 2007. When I say tiny, I mean about 600 sq feet, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. I thought it would last, but as the months passed by we were really starting to feel pretty cramped in there and with winter approaching and no real source of heat besides tiny electric heaters in the bedroom we figured we would start looking around for something new. We started to ask around and about that fast we were approached by a family we knew about renting their home. So in October we moved to where we are currently residing. We have a lot of space here, a fenced back yard with an in ground trampoline and a swing set so the kids LOVE it! For the most part, this house is working out. We have been holding off on building the spec home in the air park due to the up and down real estate market, but we are hoping to kick it off within the next month. We feel that the home will be finished up in a good selling season and hopefully I can sell it right away. Once we complete and sell this home, it's our hope to begin building OUR FINAL home! We have been doing the build and sell for obvious make money! LOL We are hoping that we will then have enough money to build it without having to obtain any financing and if so it will be very minimal! Well I think that's it in a very small nutshell. I will update this frequently after any exciting events take place and what not and hopefully familiarize my a little more with the whole blogging scene!