Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tyler is six!

Tyler is six! Happy Birthday to our one and only little boy! The time sure is flying by! I can remember his birth like yesterday, which was a rather scary experience for us. He had some respiration problems and was flown from our hospital to a hospital in the Phoenix area that could better handle his needs. He recovered nicely and you'd never know he had a rough start. He is such a sweet boy, so sensitive and kind. We had hoped he would have gotten a brother, but he loves his sisters so much. He is a great help to everyone and looks up to his daddy and grampas and Uncles so very much. He wants to be like all of them! Tyler we hope you had a fun Birthday and know we love you so much!


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Matt and I had planned to take all the kids to the pumpkin patch last Monday. Kylie and Tyler were out of school for fall break. The kids had spent the night at Grammie and Papas on Sunday night, they will stay there any chance they get! Anyway turns out that Aunt Brooke and Grammie both had come down with the flu pretty bad. We were advised that Kylie and Tyler should stay at their house so they don't come home with any germs for the little girl. So we wound up taking just the two little ones to the patch while Kylie and Tyler were held hostage at a sick house..ha ha! Everyone wound up getting better, but poor Brooke had it pretty bad!
Tyler's class had a trip planned to the pumpkin patch for Friday so he wound up getting to go afterall. So this year Kylie missed out, but I brought her home two nice big pumpkins to choose from and she was fine with it.
We got them all carved with the exception of Kennedy's. She didn't want to hand it over so we just let her look at it on her high chair tray! So here are some of the pictures from our adventures.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kennedy had a P-A-R-T-Y!

We didn't get to do much celebrating on Kennedy's actual Birthday. You see, my sister was getting married the following day so the rehearsal and dinner took place on the 8th. We were travelling to Phoenix on Kennedy's Birthday afternoon and the poor thing actually got sick and threw up all over in the car a couple times. She turned out to be just fine, we were thinking maybe a touch of car sickness. Anyway, everyone did wind up getting sick on Saturday. Kennedy still got to see a lot of people on her Birthday including her great grandparents, two great aunts, my brothers and of course Nicole and her almost husband Chris, her gramma and bumpa and lots of other friends! Anyway, on Sunday we had her offical Birthday celebration and she got to see Grammie and Papa and Auntie Brooke too! Thank you to everyone for all the great Birthday gifts! She loves them all!

Happy 1st Birthday Kennedy Paige

So this post is 2 weeks late, but I've had it written in my mind for a long time! :-)Was it really a year ago that I was giving birth to my final baby? How fast the time goes by. The days leading up to Kennedy's birth were pretty normal really, but exciting because I knew I was in labor. I mean fourth baby, I feel pretty qualified to know whats real and what's not. Imagine my surprise after contracting pretty vigorosly for 2 full days only being dialated to a 3! I was ready to call and schedule the induction myself when fortunatley things started to change on their own. So a year ago our one and only little red headed baby was brought into the world. Kennedy is such a precious, happy little girl. She rarely cries, and if she is crying she has some good excuse. She loves her big sisters and brother so much, her face really lights up when they come around. She is zooming all over the house these days and is now starting to want to walk! I can wait for that, really I can! She is in the 84% for her height and weight. I think she was around 23 pound and 30 inches when we had her checked. I could be off on those numbers so don't quote me!
I am going to post a handful of pictures leading up to this point!

The last time my belly will look this way...

Kennedy's First Halloween

First of many Polar Express Rides

Just a pretty picture

The princess on her Birthday

Tyler the Wrestling Champ

Last month Tyler got to participate in a week long wrestling event. He got to train after school each day learning some crucial techniques and at the end of the week there was a wrestling match. Tyler was thrilled to put it midly. He loves wrestling around at home and talking about being a wrestler in school when he is old enough. He loves all sports for that matter and we are excited about that and hope he maintains his love for them so we can watch him have a good time when he's older. Anyway it was a great night, everyone went home a winner with a medal and a t-shirt. I took WAY TOO many pictures of this event as usual, but I'm just posting a couple for you to check out. The first picture is Tyler with his best friend Fisher and another good friend and cousin Braxton.