Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just the regular happy Miss Kennedy

A cookout one night...yes she loves soda!

I'm sure Kylie was asleep still or spent the night at Aunt Brookes..

Sisterly Bath Time

Aunt Brooke telling the kids goodbye..

Lotsa love for Kennedy

We looked like twins..not on purpose either lol

Playing Catch Up

I was getting good at keeping my blog up to date, but looks like I have fallen behind! I guess it has been just over a month since my last post so I'll try my best to give a small recap of the events that have taken place in our home.

First off our beloved Aunt Brooke moved up to UT to start her school at Dixie. Talk about seperation!! Kylie misses her like no other, as do all of us, but it's so good for her to be on her own and getting an education. Good luck Brooke, we love you!

I started back to school on August 24th, taking the first of a few required bio classes, and it's hard! I can do pretty well when it comes to English, grammar, Psyc classes, even basic math, but science is just not my thing! I'm about 4 weeks in now and if it keeps up like this I am betting I'll need to retake it! It's really kind of a downer since I whizzed through the other classes, but oh well!

The last weekend in August I went to Las Vegas with my sister and some of her friends for a mini bachelorette party. We had a great time! We spend the majority of the weekend at the fabulous pool at the Monte Carlo and of course another bunch of time we spent eating the yummy food!

Aug 31...Matt and I both start jobs! Yes, both of us! He got a job at Renegy and I got a job at the hospital in Show Low. I'm working in the OB department as a health unit coordinator and patient care tech. I'm still doing the orientation, but so far I really really like it! Aside from the fact that everytime a baby is born I get a little misty eyed! LOL Matt's job involves a lot of labor work, and getting really dirty! He doesn't care so much for that, but is grateful to have a job! We are still working on a routine with schedules, school and our kiddos! It has been working out pretty well for the most part since we are fortunate to have help from both of our parents! Thanks Moms and Dads! :-)

Labor Day weekend we took the kids to the valley so they could enjoy the pool while we had a bridal shower for Nicole. We had a tea party theme which turned out to be pretty cute! The kids had a blast with daddy in the pool while I did shower stuff.

Sept 11, my elk hunt starts! If you don't know, I enjoy archery and put in for some hunts. I was drawn for a cow tag which was pretty exciting to get the first real opportunity at using some of the skills my wonderful hubby has taught me. However, I've only had 1 real chance to go out so far! Blake took me and it was fun, we got close, but didn't get a shot!

Sept 13- Matt turns 32 and Blake has his farewell! I hope Matt had a decent birthday, although he had to sleep most of the day due to his work schedule. I love my hubby so very much and I am so fortunate to have him. He's so wonderful in so many ways!!

Sept 16- Blake leaves for Brazil! I was sad when Matt's other brothers left for their missions, just sad to think two years would pass that they would be away from their family, but when Blake left I was really really sad! I guess it's probably because I am closer with him, have known him longer since he used to come play with my little brother before I even knew Matt! I think having all our kids so attached to him also made it harder to watch him leave. Anyway we know he will serve a great mission and be a great missionary!

I think that pretty much brings us current! I'll try to post a few pictures from recently a little later!