Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

We got a mini camping trip in to Roosevelt over our Spring Break.  It was a nice little break from the real world, but it ended much too quickly!  The weather was perfect, not too hot and not to cold!  Tyler had a blast doing a little fishing with daddy.  We also enjoyed riding the quad, the beautiful scenery, scoping out quite a bit of wildlife which included some quail, coyote and whitetail deer!  We had some fun target shooting, exploring the area and of course eating a lot of yummy food!  We are already ready to plan our next trip and hoping some friends will join us as well!  I think the kids would love to have some additional play buddies along!  Here are a few pictures!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Week..3/21

  We are going camping! We are all so excited, it's finally spring break and time for a campout down in the desert where the weather is warm and beautifully perfect for camping!  We had initally planned to leave a couple days ago, but then realized we had a friends wedding reception we wanted to attend on Saturday evening as well as a couple things we needed to finish up before we could leave.  I am also taking a class at work that takes place on Tuesdays which was going to interrupt our trip so we figured we could leave after class on Tuesday and things are right on track for that as of now!  The kids are so excited!  Kylie and Tyler love to set pretend traps for different animals and check it out the following mornings to see if anything has been disturbed.  The kids love being outdoors so it's going to be a great time!  I'm still posting the menu for this week because obviously I"ll still be cooking a little, but pretty laid back this week!!  So here goes...
Sunday...Pot Roast with Potatoes and Onions
Monday...Beef and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Tuesday..We will grab something on the road
Wednesday..BBQ Ribs on the grill
Friday...No Bull Burritos
Saturday...In Class I'll bring home a pizza!
Sunday...Gonna be in a class again so I'll put something in the slow cooker before I leave

Some Random Stuff with Pictures

I finally cleaned off the memory card on the camera today and decided after uploading them all to my online storage account that I'd post a few of the random pictures!  The most important in these random pictures have to do with the awards Kylie and Tyler received at school on Friday.  Tyler was awarded the "Character Counts Award", he was recognized as being a kind, generous, thoughtful and overall great kid! We barely got him rushing back to his seat.  Kylie was awarded for perfect attendance as well as a school improvement award.  They are both doing wonderful, we were so proud to have both the kids recognized in a special way! 

And here are just a couple random pictures of Kennedy, also one of Tyler with his very good buddy Payton.  Notice the scowl on Karissa's face....this is her usual look!

A Tin Can

Matt has always wanted a little tin can fishing boat and even more so since Tyler really enjoys to fish.  Their dream of owning one came true a couple days ago!  A buddy of Matt's had one he wanted to get rid of and so the boys scored!  The kids are super excited to have it!!  After they brought it home, they washed it up and put some polish on it too!  Guess I'll try to get my car done next!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Better late then never...

It's already mid week, but I thought I'd get my menu posted so I have something to follow!! I keep carrying  over dishes from week to week because things come up and we aren't home to cook! So here is how the week has gone this far...
Sunday...Basic Burritos(basic because its ground beef with onions and green chiles and thats it)
Monday...Pizza from Little Ceasars( i worked a day shift and didn't much feel like cooking once I got home)
Tuesday...Chicken Breast stuffed with cream cheese and pesto served with brocolli and cheese pasta
So that brings us up to today which is Wednesday
Tonight...Weds..Something with my grill, but what I do not know!! I'll update you later when I decide on tonight see I was planning on working tonight, but was just informed I was going to be on call!
Thursday..Famous Dinner(this is minnie hamburger patties with mashed potatoes and brown gravy over all)
Fri...Ckn Blt Wrap, Bacon Stuffed Jalapenos, Loaded Devil Eggs

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Happy 9 Years To Us....

   This past Tuesday, as in one week ago, Matt and I celebrated our anniversary. It has been a wonderful 9 years. Now I can't sit back and say it has been easy and blissful every step of the way because I'd be lying! We have had our share fair of trials, have found things to nit pick at each other over, yelled a little more then we should have, but that's part of marriage, at least in my opinion. It has made us all that much stronger, those things we had found to nit pick at each other for have turned into strong points that we can laugh about now! I wouldn't trade the last 9 years for anything, nothing at all!

Matt is my EVERYTHING, and cliché as that sounds, it's the truth. He can make me laugh at anytime, even if we are in an argument. I think it's one of his strong points; he has a great sense of humor! He's my protector, I feel absolutely safe with him around, like nothing or anything could harm me. He's my provider, and the provider for our children. There have been times it has been hard, but not because he didn't want to provide, but because our recent economical situation had made it difficult for him to find work, although he was persistent and found something. He's handsome! He's my rock! He loves me unconditionally! He's a loving and caring father, he loves to play with the kids and make wonderful memories for them. He's so generous and unselfish, he's always willing to stop and help the stranger stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or pull someone out of a ditch. He is just truly my everything and I look forward to many more years with this man!

We were able to go away last Saturday and spend the evening together without the kids, thanks to Auntie Brooke keeping them overnight and Grammie keeping them until we returned home on Sunday afternoon. We stayed in Phoenix and had dinner at the most wonderful restaurant I think we have ever had the pleasure of dining at! Ruth's Chris Steakhouse which came recommended by a few patrons, and thanks to them we are now in love with the experience! It was so nice to have a little alone time together, as it's few and far between for us. We share our bed most nights with 1 if not more children and due to work schedules sometimes go for a few days without even seeing one another! It was much needed and much appreciated! So Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband...i love you babe!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working Out

I'm doing my best to stick to it and I think I am doing pretty good..for once! If anyone wants a work out buddy you really should hit me up! I've just been using our local gym.  It's really nice to feel energized after working out!  I've been looking at some of the work outs that are advertised on TV all the time such as Insanity and P90X, but I don't really have the room at home to do them.  I'll be doing my best to stick to the gym routine and eat healthier!  It can be hard working nights tho because it seems like all you want to do is eat, you get bored and need to stay awake!  I'll try to pack healthy snacks for those occassions!  My goal is to firm up and in the process I'd like to lose a pants size or two along with about 6 pounds and I'll be happy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Menu

While I stuck to the menu last week pretty well, I did wind up skipping a meal on Friday due to working so I shifted a thing or two over to this weeks menu in case you are wondering why it's a duplicate.  If I don't get around to posting a recipe, just ask for the specific one if you are interested! This has been great for me to keep track of what's for dinner, hope it might be a help to some of you!
Monday- Shredded Beef BBQ on Rolls with a side of either baked beans or potatoe salad.
Tuesday- Ordered dinner in for our anniversary, we both worked!
Wednesday-Butter Chicken with green beans and toasted garlic bread
Thursday-Baked Ziti with a tossed salad and toasted onion roll
Friday-Chicken BLT wraps, bacon stuffed jalapenos and loaded devil eggs. This is like all appetizers, but its fun to do for dinner sometimes!(working so this is gonna be iffy)
Saturday-Out of Town
Sunday- Crock Pot Burgundy Beef with Egg Noodles

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Disneyland Give a Day

We had been planning on a trip to CA this summer with the kids to visit good ole Disneyland and Seaworld.  I computed our costs and started saving our money.  After watching countless commercials for the Disney Give a day get a day promotion I decided to check into it.  Well it turned out to be even easier than I thought.  We gathered up about 60 childrens books, altho we only needed 40 and donated them to a charity.  We already got our vouchers for free tickets and now our entire family can enter for FREE! I felt good of course giving the books to the schools that are in need of them, and happy to earn free tickets for the family!

Class of 2000

It's coming up on our 10 year class reunion.  They are trying to get an idea of when people would like to have it take place so if you haven't voted yet here is the link...go place your vote!